A bipolar unicorn on a mission...

"Each one of us are defined by what we do, how we interact, how we love. We are unique and majestic in our own way." - Bipolar Unicorn

Welcome Unicorns!

cropped-cropped-journey1.pngWhen I browsed for “Journey of a Bipolar Unicorn” (to make sure I won’t be charged with copyright infringement), there were over a thousand and more search results containing the same tags. My dilemma was how to make my blog unique than the other thousand. Despite that, I don’t have any plans of changing the name. I recon that I should just have to get on with it. Though cliché, I would have to be myself and that would make all the difference.

To start with, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2 years ago. To make things simple, it’s mostly described as extremes of highs and lows. Extreme feelings like elation and mania may be observed while extreme lows result to depression. This blog won’t explain the scientific side. I’m sure the web got that covered.  Many may say that everybody, especially women, experience these mood changes. Try to walk with me and take the bipolar journey. I’m not in the position to say that what I’ve been going through holds true for every individual. What works for you may not work for me. I write because it is where I can express myself. Conversations make me weak in the knees. I’m writing this at 3am making most of my elated state then you may not hear from me for days when depression kicks in. Each one of us are fighting our own battles. For some, getting out of bed in the morning is a big accomplishment already. We just have to go through this journey one step at a time. Before I end this, I feel the need to explain why everything in this blog had to be done anonymously. Some may doubt my credibility but I want people to read my posts without prejudice. I chose this approach to encourage everyone to look beyond appearances and status in life, especially in this era of social media. We hide behind masks to conceal what we really feel, and that makes everything worse. I know how it feels.

Each one of us are defined by what we do, how we interact, how we love. We are unique and majestic in our own.

I’ll try, no, strive to make this blog a little slice of heaven for our psychological well-being.

As for why unicorns, well, I just love unicorns and there’s no explanation for that! Bye-bi-polar unicorns!

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Photo courtesy of: Pinterest

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